Speaking engagements.

I've spoken both in-person and virtually to groups of designers, engineers, and product managers at events around the world. I love public speaking, and thoroughly believe that the best test of knowledge on a subject is the ability to explain it simply.

I worked on-air at a commercial radio station for three years, and managed on-air training for two of those - I have done ample public speaking and thoroughly enjoy teaching a group.

You can find recordings of a handful of events at which I've spoken in the table below. I also regularly run small talks and workshops at companies around Chicago - reach out if you would like to know more about that.

If you're interested in inviting me to speak at your conference / meetup / company, please contact me!

I'm currently scheduling speaking engagements through spring 2020. I have open availability through the coming season, and am able to take on new events over the next few months. If your event is in Chicago, I am likely to be available to speak. If not, the sooner you contact me, the better.

Selected upcoming events.

What When Where
None scheduled.

Selected past events.

What When Where
Optimizely Opticon September 2019 San Francisco, CA
Midwest eCommerce Summit October 2018 Chicago, IL
Optimizely Opticon September 2018 Las Vegas, NV
Product Camp Chicago July 2017 Chicago, IL
Jolt Nights TLV July 2017 Tel-Aviv, Israel
Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit September 2016 Los Angeles, CA
Mobile Innovation Summit April 2016 London, UK
Strata + Hadoop World March 2016 San Jose, CA
Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit September 2015 Los Angeles, CA
Data Visualization Summit September 2014 Boston, MA

We're doing this thing.

What you can expect.

  • I believe that the best talks do not sit in the weeds of implementation or code details (those are called "blog posts"). As such, I will present in an audience-specific level of technical depth and weave a cohesive narrative around the topic I am presenting on, while providing references and appendicies for audience members to do their own deeper reasearch.
  • I'll create a thoroughly researched, designed, rehearsed, and timed talk to share with your group, and answer any questions that audience members have. I'll camp out on stage, in the lobby, or make myself available over Slack afterward.
  • I'll send a PDF version of my talk tailored for circulation during/after the event to you, on the schedule that you need for distribution. (Other formats and speaker notes up for discussion on a case-by-case basis.)
  • If appropriate, I will promote your event on social media, on this website, and in an email to my subscribers.

What I will expect.

  • Information that you can share about the event and organization. That is, things like expected audience size and expertise, A/V setup, event schedule, and any links that I can use to promote your event.
  • Unless you're in the city where I am, I will expect you to help pay for travel. And if you are a ticketed event, I will expect you to pay me for sharing my expertise.
  • Ignore the above if you represent an organization or group that is non-profit, or you feel benefits the community in a way that I support and to which I would want to donate my time, effort, and money.
  • A summary of what you or your audience would like to get out of my presentation. I tailor every talk, and want to do my best to make the perfect presentation for your group.

If you're into it, contact me.